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Finding your Unicorn

Of course the horse plays a central role in Adaptive / Therapeutic Riding, but how do you find the best horse to fit your program?

Once you found it, how can you maintain and enhance the potential of your equine partner?

Learning how to teach

Adaptive/ Therapeutic Riding Instructors are working with lots of different people who are challenged by various medical conditions.

Clearly everybody has different needs, but how can I adapt my approach and communication style to the needs of my students?

What are some appropriate communication and teaching styles for students with specific challenges?

In case you´re not a doctor

Adaptive/ Therapeutic Riding is a wonderful recreational activity that enhances the rider´s personal development and is beneficial to their health. Instructors are often confronted with various medical terminologies and conditions, but what do they all mean and how can I tailor my Adaptive / Therapeutic Riding lesson to the needs of the individual student?