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"In case you´re not a doctor"


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Terms and Conditions applying to the ATR Webinar "In case you´re not a doctor"


The ATR Webinar "In case you´re not a doctor" is created and provided by Aufsteiger - Therapeutische Konzepte unter Einbezug des Pferdes (Aufsteiger), Esther Schlegel.  

All personal information provided to Aufsteiger is treated and stored confidentially in your customer file. Aufsteiger will not sell, share, trade or otherwise use any information you provide.



Adjustments to webinar schedule and Cancellation Policy


Aufsteiger reserves  the  right  to  adjust  webinar  dates and times to  accommodate  unforeseen circumstances including cancellation of live webinars due to insufficient registration up to 1 week prior to the scheduled start date. Notification will only be  made  to  registrants.  Aufsteiger is not responsible  for  any expenses  incurred  by  registrants  due  to  such adjustments.

Participant cancellation requests must be made in writing  no  less  than  14 days after purchase to receive a refund. After 14 days all refunds will be deducted a 50€ administrative fee. No  refunds  will  be  given  for cancellations received once the webinar has started. 



Live version information


The live webinar will be conducted through "Google hangouts", which requires downloading the "Google hangouts" app and creating a user account through them. The live and interactive version of the webinar will be recorded and may be replayed in the future. Any comments  made during the webinar will be part of the recording.



Recorded version information


The recorded webinar available for purchase has been created by Aufsteiger without any other participants and are not a recorded version of a former live webinar.

Recorded versions are available on limited bandwidth. Once payment has been received an idividualized login including password will be emailed to the registrant. This includes enough bandwidth to view the purchased webinar twice in entirety. 

After payment has been received, the complete recorded version of the webinar will be made available to the registrant for the duration of one week of the registrants choice within a calendar year. We do our best to fit your schedule, but might have to make adjustments.

If individual recorded modules of the webinar have been selected, they will be made available to the registrant to view twice during the week of that specific module´s live version. Dates are listed in the webinar description. 


Follow up email contact and phone calls


To answer any questions that participants may have,  3 follow-up emails or a 20 minute phone call are included in the booking of the webinar. Additional training can be arranged to fulfill client´s needs and prices can be negotiated if required. 



Kontaktieren Sie uns telefonisch unter: 0174 - 1383501

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        Feel free to contact us on phone at +49 174 1383501

        or send us an e-mail here.

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