I have just completed all 5 modules for the webinar "In Case you're not a doctor" by Esther Schlegel. 

I found it very interesting, professionally done, and in easy to understand format.  I learned so much and feel so much better prepared and understanding of all the conditions which could be involved in Therapeutic Riding.  What was very helpful was her description of cautions and special equipment and type of horse for each condition. 

I would recommend this Webinar to anyone involved in Therapeutic Riding! 


Nanci Picken,

CanTRA Coach, Examiner and EC Competition Coach 1

In July 2018 I participated in Esther´s “Learning How To Teach” clinic. I was impressed with how thorough she had planned and prepared the clinic. Her presentation was very interesting and she managed to engage the participants in many interesting conversations about the different clinic topics. In the clinic we learned a lot about communication styles and types of personalities. We learned about how to tailor a lesson plan to the need of an individual rider and talked about learning disabilities, sensory disorders and various disabilities that might have an effect on how to teach. Hands-on exercises on the horse completed the learning experience.

Esther is very passionate about hippotherapy and adaptive riding and has a lot of experience in that field.  Her friendly and positive nature is liked by everyone. She shared many interesting cases of her day to day practice. Safety is one of her big concerns and she makes sure that all the safety criteria are met. Esther always has the well-being of horse and rider in mind.

I benefitted very much from that clinic and would recommend it to anyone that is involved in coaching or adaptive riding.



Alexandra Walter-Rath , Competition Coach Specialist



"What an incredible human being. She goes above and beyond for anyone and everyone. So blessed to have crossed paths with Esther at the time we did. She has so much knowledge and wisdom and she is ecstatic to share with and teach others. You will be thankful and grateful to get to meet and work with Esther!"


                                                                                                                              Kiesha Mastrodimos



"I have to say: I really enjoyed Esther´s Therapeutic (Adaptive) Riding clinics she just offered this summer in Canada. It was very professional with tons of precious information. She made us realize how much trust these little riders put in our hands. This makes you think how safety and trust is so important. She also gave us many tools on how to adapt equipment, techniques of teaching and how to be able to select the right horse for the rider. This all benefits the rider to get more out of the session. We also covered the importance of how comfortable the horse is during the session, looking at saddle fitting but also minimizing the stress on the horse. I really recommend her clinics if you are interested in Therapeutic (Adaptive) Riding." 

                                                                   Jenny Wilson



"Thank you so much for having us again. As always, we had a wonderful time with you. You all are so talented! Your ideas as well as the way they are performed are just amazing!"

                                                                                                                     Special needs kindergarten Simmertal 

"Wow is all I can say! Working with Esther in her Hippotherapy program has been a true blessing. She is so patient, skilled and caring. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 27 years ago, I had not ridden a horse for 18 years and have used a power chair full time for 7 years. Then Esther brought her program to Canada and I was able to take part. She guided me every step of the way from doing stretches for my spasticity that would allow me to eventually get onto a horse. She eventually moved to the Equicizer (mechanical horse). During this phase we worked on activities to strengthen my core and trunk control, balance, breath control, posture and coordination activities. She was always very intuitive to my current abilities and ways she could incorporate the motion of riding, add a horse to  strengthen my legs, arms, back and hips. Using the horse walking motion to feel and relearn this motion in my own body. Muscles are still responding. 

You and Robyn make a great team! I could have never done this without you! "

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cindy Bishop

"Our experiences are precious for us and the development of Luisa:


- new input in a fun and playful way, promoting development while accepting, always working on new challenges


- knowing to be cared for, a very competent and heartfelt team, always patient and supporting


-  you will experience a visible progression, a precious part in your life


Aufsteiger - we don´t want to miss this!"


                                                                                                Iris Meiren-Schneider (Mother)





"This treatment is very helpful for my body and my soul."

                                                                                                               Daniela Ramos

"Toryn has severe autism with significant impairments in both - social communication and repetitive behaviours. Working with Esther has been very beneficial to Toryn, both on and off the horse. She experiences calmness and joy when she´s astride a horse. Her capacitiy to learn and use language is greater when on a horse. Esther continiously encouraged Toryn to expand her communication tecniques and the adding the important (and incredibly difficult) eye contact.

Toryn also expanded her core balance, her ability to track objects, her flexibility and her number, letter and animal reconition. Toryn has been able to transfer these into her everyday life. 

While on horseback Toryn experiences deep happiness and pleasure. These emotions and feelings are not a regular part of her life. Watching her smile, hug the horse, lay her face on his soft coat and demonstrate trust with such a huge animal is heartwarming both as her mother and a medical proffessional. 

Esther´s understanding of posture and the necessity of core strength and pelvic stability in regards to language development and her openess to understanding Toryn´s disability made her a significant part of Toryn´s care team. Esther also has a big and caring heart, which caused Toryn to form a healthy attachment to her - such a big step for a little kid with autism. 

We are thankful for Esther and what she contributed to our lives, proffessionally and personally. Toryn grrew to love Esther dearly and desired to see her and please her. These descriptors are not generally ascribed with autism - Hippotherapy and Esther helped these to develop." 

                                                                                                                                                                         Dalyce Sather-McNabb





"Lantana shows me my strengths and helps me have good thoughts."




"Children and teachers are both ecstatic! It is just wonderful to see how kids can have so much fun while learning and experience great progressions! The Wilhelm-Dröscher school says "Thank you!"."

                                                                  Principal Margit Mickley



"This has been the key to her positive development. Évangelines core stability was immensly increased in 10 weeks. She is independent at walking over different surfaces. She also talkes more and clearer."

                                                         Linda Duval-Richard (Mother)



"His Pony borrows him his feet. Jackson is an athlete because of her. It helps his body and his soul."

                                                                                               Doreen Winnicky (Mother)


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