About us

Esther Schlegel

Occupational Therapist Bsc. with Hippotherapy (AHA), Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CanTRA), Instructor of Beginners in English Riding (Equine Canada). 

She learned, lived and worked in Germany, the Netherlands, USA and Canada before she started her own practice, which she runs with lots of heart and competence.

Ursula Schlegel

The good soul of the practice. The former nurse is involved in all programs and excels at her new job. Her excellence is a result of the combination of her great medical knowledge, her training with years of experience of working with children and her wonderful personality.













 The sweet and patient warmblood mare makes an excellent hippotherapy horse, as she provides great movement due to her dressage training. Being everybodys darling, she also takes part therapeutic riding and one day events.












This wonderful shettland pony loves kids and cuddles. Her sweet and dependable character makes her a great partner to "Cowboy up!", one day events and "Moms make life a pony ride" groups.












This beautiful and friendly mare loves being involved and loves her job. She is dedicated to the kids in "Cowboy up!" groups, on one day events and "Moms make life a pony ride" groups.