Learning how to teach

Adaptive / Therapeutic Riding Instructors are working with lots of different people who are challenged by various medical conditions.

Clearly everybody has different needs, but how can I adapt my approach and communication style to the needs of my students?

How can I provide a high quality lesson that is tailored to my individual rider? 

 In this 3 day clinic of 8 hours each day we will learn about the different types of personalities, their communication style, and how that relates to teaching Adaptive /Therapeutic Riding. We will discuss different teaching styles and adapt them to specific medical diagnoses often seen in students who participate in  Adaptive /Therapeutic Riding.

These medical conditions include but are not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Visual Impairments, Auditory Impairments, Developmental Delays, Attention Deficit Disorder.

The content learned on the first two days will be put into practical experience on day 3.  Each participant will receive specific feedback on their performance. 


This clinic is aimed at people working towards their Adaptive /Therapeutic Riding Instructor certification. There will be a balance of theoretical and practical components during this three day clinic of eight hours per day.

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion. To ensure a personal learning atmosphere, this class is limited to 15 participants.



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