Finding your Unicorn

Of course the horse plays a central role in Adaptive /Therapeutic Riding,

but how do you find the best horse to fit your program?

Once you found it, how can you maintain and enhance the potential of your equine partner?


In this two day clinic we will be looking at different horses, evaluating their character, confirmation, movement and suitability for Adaptive / Therapeutic riding. In order to maintain and enhance the potential of your equine partner we will be covering the topics of basic anatomy and physiology, schooling schedules, as well as saddle and equipment fitting related to Adaptive / Therapeutic riding. We will also discuss how to match the horses confirmation and movement to your rider’s specific medical conditions.


This clinic is aimed at people working towards their  Adaptive / Therapeutic Riding Instructor certification as well as people interested in working in the field of  Adaptive / Therapeutic Riding. There will be a balance of theoretical and practical components during this two day clinic of eight hours per day.

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

To ensure a personal learning atmosphere, this class is limited to 15 participants.